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A bona fide painter's painter.

Richard Speer, Fine Art Dealers Association, 11/13/2009

A gifted colorist . . . fluency of technique and economy of gesture . . . rhythmic compositions that betrayed only the merest suggestions of figuration. . . . In some works, little more than a horizon line was enough to telegraph content. . . . Katz has a facility for tweaking his paintings' emotional tone via careful calibration of color temperature.

Richard Speer, ARTnews, 2008

Brilliantly colored paintings on paper. . . skirt representation in a synthesis of shapes, lines, and colors. Meaning lies not in specificity, but in viewer's associations with these visual elements as they affect responses in the compositions. Katz is a colorist, and a very good one. . . . Many of the paintings . . . are radiantly luminous; light seems to emanate from a source somewhere back of the surface. . . . Katz's paintings are surprisingly small. . . .In spite of their dimensions . . . they give the feeling of grandeur.

Lois Allan, Artweek, Dec.2006/Jan.2007

What's striking . . . is how Katz observes and interprets the world around him. . . . This is someone who isn't merely an expert technician. . . . At a moment when so much art has been reduced to personality and self-idolatry, Katz's show . . . is a modest reminder that it's OK for artists to look outside themselves.

D.K.Row, The Oregonian, January 27, 2006