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No emotions have been too private for Ted Katz to delve into and record. . . . They speak of conscientious attention to the heart.

Tom Suomalainen, "The Drawings of Ted Katz," Jan. 2006

These paintings . . . evince a sense of scale that establishes a wholly unanticipated monumentality. . . . Katz is comfortable with himself. In his work one sees esthetic wit and aplomb. . . . He is a superb colorist. . . . If Katz's primary goal has been to render things in some way beautiful and transcendental, he has accomplished this over and over again.

Ted Lindberg, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada, November, 2001

Katz serves a selection of small-scale works that provide a new definition for "watercolor paintings." Each piece begins with a loose graphite drawing, part of which remains visible underneath the ensuing layers. Next Katz adds layers of pigment, without mixing in water. He applies the pigment directly to the paper with a dry brush. This generates a variety of textures and produces a level of saturation that intensifies his abstract compositions. Dynamic color combinations and a fluid maneuvering between gestural marks and geometry characterize Katz's work. Remarkably, through the small scale of his paintings he achieves large-scale expressiveness.

Karrin Ellertson, The Oregonian, Nov.23, 2001

Ted Katz's paintings are the highlight of the month . . . a tour de force.

Alan Scally, Vanguard, Portland State University, February 9, 1990