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A good show that I'm very, very impressed with is the Ted Katz exhibition. He shares the contact, the joy, the touch, the awareness of seeing and caring for other people with whom he has been close in his work. And what makes it so extraordinary, I think, is that he works with what appears to be a very spontaneous, very fresh kind of verve — a sense of style and movement in his work - and at the same time everything falls into place perfectly, so that he has this disciplined command of what he's doing. I think that makes his work very, very distinctive and very, very worth going out of one's way to see.

Burton Wasserman, Ralph Collier Show, WFLN-FM, Philadelphia, May 22, 1984

The gallery is filled with beautiful drawings from the famed Katz notebooks...there are some beautiful color drawings of women.

Charles Giulliano, Art Critic, Boston After Dark, 1970

In 1965 Katz became intensely involved with sketching from life. . . . He learned to work quickly, as the changing scene calls for quick characterization. The drawing is gutsy and free, using wash and line. . . . The collection is excellent. There are outstanding things. His works are evidence of his considerable talent and are well worth seeing.

Art Critic, Tufts Observer, Medford, MA, 1968

Suffice it to say — he is a master. Katz has a life force and energy, an acute sensitivity of perception, drama, depth and an extraordinary use of color.

Art Critic, Lexington Minuteman, Lexington. MA, 1968